Healing Your SinusesThe Harvard Medical School Guide to

Healing Your Sinuses Ralph Metson

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From a leading expert at one of the world's most respected medical schools----learn how to beat sinus infections once and for all

Nobody needs to tell you how painful and annoying sinus problems can be--the pounding headaches and congestion, the perpetually runny nose, and the debilitating fatigue, not to mention sleepless nights, lost work, and ruined vacations. Now you can do something about it by learning what a top expert tells his patients.

In The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healing Your Sinuses, Ralph B. Metson, M.D., a third-generation ear, nose, and throat specialist with more than twenty years of experience, tells you everything you need to know about taming your aching sinuses. A leading national authority in the field, Dr. Metson fills you in on:

  • The ABCs of sinusitis, and how to identify the cause of your symptoms
  • The entire range of treatments--from saltwater irrigation to laser surgery
  • The pros and cons of decongestants, antibiotics, and steroids
  • What to expect from surgery, and whether you're likely to benefit from it
  • How to develop a total sinus management plan tailored to your needs
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