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Harvard Medical School brings you a unique program that can maximize your chances of getting pregnant — a program you can begin today, without a doctor’s appointment. 6 Steps to Increased Fertility: An Integrated Medical and Mind/Body Program to Promote Conception is a unique combination of holistic and high tech considerations for those hoping to become parents. This book offers:

  • Sensible and sensitive advice from three faculty members of Harvard Medical School
  • A “home version” of the Harvard mind/body approach to dealing with the emotional ups and downs of infertility and its treatment, based upon the pioneering mind/body program – the Harvard Behavioral Medicine Program for Infertility – developed by Alice Domar, PhD
  • A plan for implementing the healthy lifestyle changes that can have a profoundly positive effect on the fertility of both women and men
  • A detailed discussion of the relationship of stress and fertility and data on the successes of the Harvard Behavioral Medicine Program for Infertility in increasing pregnancy rates
  • The personal stories of others who have come to parenthood in various ways, including adoption
  • Advice on next steps when low-tech help fails, including medical tests and procedures (and personal considerations) to think about
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