The Future of WorkThe Promise of the New Digital Work Society

The Future of Work Charles Grantham

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A new social psychology is developing in today's workplace that is no longer bound by time, place, or traditional roles. The notion of where a corporation starts and stops is going to be very different in the future," so said Robert Walker, CIO of Hewlett-Packard. This visionary book points a compelling portrait of how the new workplace that is already taking shape is creating a new framework for the way people think about--and act at--work, whether at home, in a satellite office, or corporate headquarters. It draws on the cutting-edge research of the Institute for the Study of Distributed Work, the leading international think tank on virtual workplaces and other trends in the workplace of tomorrow. For anyone interested in the sociology and psychology of the workplace, this book will help frame the questions that must be asked now. It explores how the current moves toward the virtual corporation, the technological consolidation of traditional job functions, and the growth in part-time employment will continue to change the relationship between the workers and their jobs around the world.

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