The Little Book of Big Decisions

The Little Book of Big Decisions Peter Barge

Boscoe Pertwee famously said, "I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure." He obviously hadn't read Peter Barge's Succinct and insightful primer - gut you should. - Sir Derek Higgs, Chairman, Partnerships UK Plc

Wisdom is not in length, but in depth, Peter Barge's book will remain a goldmine of wisdom, carefully sourced and packaged, for all leaders who want to move from inspiration to action. Only an artist in leadership could achieve this. - Henri-Claude de Betonies, The AVIVA Chaired Professor of Leadership and Responsibility, INSEAD

Great decisions stem from the power to make them. The power of decision-making made simple by Peter Through his studies of various inspirational examples. This fantastic "little" book is a practical must-have for all. - Kwek Leng Beng, Executive chairman, City Developments Limited

Peter Barge brings his unique myriad of practical experiences to bear to clarify the decision-making process. His valuable insights and wealth of experience put the process squarely in focus. A must read for anyone in a decision-making capacity. - William P. Weidner, President, Las Vegas Sands corporation

A very timely book reminding us of some important issues. Every reader will recognize people that they know. - David Baffsky, Chairman, Accor Asia Pacific

The Little Book of Big Decisions provides a Wonderful Collection of Valuable Wisdom and Practical skills about decision-making. It's a must read for mangers at all levels and a handy one that should be revisited periodically. - Diana Chen, Chairperson & CEO, Taipei Financial Center Corporation

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