The New Age of InnovationDriving Co-created Value Through Global Networks

The New Age of Innovation C. K. Prahalad

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The innovation management classic returns for today’s fully digitized world

When legendary business thought leaders C.K. Prahalad and M.S. Krishnan first published The New Age of Innovation, the book was instantly lauded as one of the most forward-looking business guides of the year. 

Now, ten years later, their predictions that advanced technologies would transform every business in every industry have been borne out. And their lessons for managing the software revolution are more critical today than ever. 

The New Age of Innovation provides the insights and practices you need to drive profits and growth in today’s interconnected, software-dominated world―a world where companies partner with customers to create value. You’ll learn how to: 

•Align all software systems within your company

•Measure individual behavior using smart analytics

•Continuously improve customer-facing and back-end processes

•Make every stakeholder a unique partner in your mission

•Work seamlessly across cultures and time-zones

•Create teams that drive high-quality, low-cost solutions

The ubiquity of software and digitization introduce valuable opportunities for personalized value creation and global resource partnership. Manage them well and you’ll seize the competitive edge in no time. 

The New Age of Innovation provides everything you need to by leveraging the tools at your disposal to transform their business and dominate your industry.   

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